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Civitan International Magazine: February 2024

Club News (page 10)

Villages Daily Sun: February 23, 2024

Special Oympics Fundraiser

Villages Daily Sun: September 14, 2023

2023 Grants Presentation

Civitan International Magazine: February 2023

Club News (page 13)



Villages Daily Sun: February 13, 2023



Villages Daily Sun: February 1, 2023

Bunco Night Earnings

Villages Daily Sun: January 30, 2023

HCC and Evelyn & Arthur Partnership

Villages Daily Sun: November 13, 2022

HCC Cited for Adopt-A-Precinct Early Voting Role




Villages Daily Sun: October 17, 2022

HCC Recognizes Diane Hintzen of Evelyn & Arthur



Villages Daily Sun: September 18, 2022

HCC Works Adopt-A-Precinct Early Voting




Villages Daily Sun: August 16, 2022

HCC Gives $13K in Grants

Villages Daily Sun: August 6, 2022

HCC Supports 2022 Election Polls



Villages Daily Sun: March 23, 2022

Laura McLaughlin on HCC Role



Villages Daily Sun: March 2, 2022

Laura McLaughlin on HCC Poll Workers

The Webster Wire: February 2022

Cindy Brown Visits HCC General Meeting

Villages Daily Sun: December 30, 2021

HCC Member Sue Ann Baker Featured in Backstory


Villages Daily Sun: October 9, 2021

HCC Supports Pace Center for Girls



Villages Daily Sun: September 23, 2021

HCC 2021 Charitable Grants Highlighted




 Villages Daily Sun: August 17, 2021 

HCC Supports Center Hill Children's Mission





 Villages Daily Sun: June 30, 2021

Villager Backstory: Betty Rohan


 Villages Homeowners Advocates Voice: April 2021

HCC Receives VHA Annual Volunteer Award




 Villages Daily Sun: March 21, 2021

Nancy Wood on HCC VHA Volunteer Award

Villages Homeowners Advocates Voice: March 2021

HCC Announced as VHA Annual Volunteer Award





 Villages Daily Sun: Dec. 09, 2020

HCC Adopt-a-Precinct




 Villages Daily Sun: Dec. 02, 2020

Villager Backstory: Laura McLaughlin




 Civitan Intl. Mag.: November 2020

HCC Payday at the Polls

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