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New Member Resources

The videos that are listed on this page are intended to provide a general background on the foundations and purposes of the International and Hometown Civitan organizations (click on the picture or the video player).

New members may find the Civitan International Magazine a useful source of information. Click here to access this resource.

For more in depth information you will need to talk to longer term members, attend the regular meetings and explore the and Hometown Civitan Club websites.

In 2023 CI produced a new video for New Member Orientation 

Civitan International History

I Am Civitan

Civitan International Impact Areas

Civitan International Research Center
2022 Report

Civitan Creed
(COVID Adaptation)

What Is Hometown Civitan Club?

Hometown Civitan Club History

Hometown Civitan Club Website Overview

Hometown Civitan Club General Meetings

Hometown Civitan:
A Local Innovator

Year in Review

Year in Review

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